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Important dates in the life and cause for canonization of Père Jacques:

1900 January 29 Birth in Barentin (near Rouen)
1912 October Entry into the Petit Séminaire de Rouen
1919 October Entry into the Grand Séminaire de Rouen
1920 March Military service in Montlignon
1922 March Return to the Grand Séminaire de Rouen
1924 October Headmaster and teacher at St. Joseph’s in Le Havre
December 20 Ordained a deacon
1925 July 11 Ordained a priest
1931 September 14 Entry to the novitiate in Lille in the Paris Province of Discalced Carmelites
1932 September 15 First profession of vows in Lille
1934 March 17 Founding of the Petit Collège Sainte-Thérèse de l’Enfant-Jésus in Avon
1935 September 15 Profession of final vows in Avon
1939 September General mobilization
1940 June Prisoner of war in Lunéville
November Release of P. Jacques from military service
1941 January Reopening of the Petit Collège
1944 January 15 Arrest of P. Jacques and three Jewish children hidden in the school
“Goodbye, children, continue without me!”
January 15 - March 6 Prison at Fontainbleau
March 6 - March 28 Royallieu camp in Compiègne
March 29 - April 21 Gestapo torture camp Neue Bremm in Saarbrücken
April 22 - May Mauthausen concentration camp
May 1944 - April 28, 1945 Gusen I concentration camp
1945 End of April Return to Mauthausen concentration camp
May 5 Liberation of the camp by the Americans
June 2 P. Jacques dies at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Linz (Austria)
June 26 His mortal remains are interred at the convent in Avon
1985 June 9 Awarded medal as “Righteous Among Nations” by the State of Israel
1997 April 29 Opening of the cause for canonization of P. Jacques
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